cwage shrugged

So, for some stupid reason I agreed to read Atlas Shrugged as part of a book club. I am trying to go into it without letting my biases affect things, but I admit I’m already having trouble working up the motivation to keep reading it. I’m only 2 chapters in. My favorite so far is the ever-so-subtle way in which she characterizes anyone with any socialistic/communalistic tendencies (i.e. the antagonist of the novel) as physically repulsive, sniveling, weak, petulant cretins. Clever!

Take this passage for example:

“Why don’t we give someone else a chance?”, James Taggart said, crying big fat tears from his big, fat, ugly stupid face on his balding head, while slumping over and being repulsive and weak. “It’s not fair,” he whined, like a big fucking sissy.

Did you catch that? See what she’s hinting at, there? I understand if you’re lost – she is truly a master of subtle character development.