Hi. I'm Chris Wage -- you can call me cwage, everyone else does. Here are some links to stuff about my various hobbies:

  • I’ve had a blog on this site itself for years now. Remember those??
  • I’m an amateur photographer. I have a photoblog of more curated photos here. I also have a flickr account which is less curated and more a dumping ground. I mostly did street photography, cityscapes and .. whatever struck my fancy.
  • More recently, astrophotography struck my fancy. I got a telescope and one thing led to another. I have a separate blog for that detailing my trials and tribulations. It was mostly my backup brain, but maybe it would be useful for others getting started. I also have a gallery on astrobin.com with my results so far. Still lots of progress to go.
  • Even more recently, I got into macrophotography – the opposite of astrophotog. Especially bugs. I don’t have a site for that (yet?) but there are pics on my flickr account, and I have an inaturalist account with my observations here
  • I like playing chess, even though I’m not very good at it. Feel free to send me a challenge – I mostly prefer to play unlimited correspondence. I don’t have much time for fast chess.
  • I like to cook and have a dog, so I have an instagram account where i post photos of food and my dog.
  • You can email me at [email protected]. For better or worse, I still use twitter, so you can also find me there.