fly paper

Remember the “fly paper” theory? You know, the one that developed a few years ago as a response to the increasing likelihood that Iraq would turn into a giant mess (who could have seen that coming?!). It posited that even if it did turn into a giant mess, that would be okay, because it would be like “fly paper” to the terrorists that want to kill us, and that way the war on terror, like many other unsavory byproducts of capitalism, could be outsourced offshore. Brilliant!

So now comes some half-baked report that IEDs coming over the Iraq border. Does this serve as proof that the “flypaper” theory is working? I would think so, but no. Evidently, instead, it means that Iran is responsible, and now we have to invade them. Sweet!! More war!!

It’s hard to take this most recent spat of war-fetishist cheerleading too seriously, as a war in Iran is logistically impossible at this point, not to mention freaking insane. But for the record, I think it would be good to clear up a few things:

map of iraq

This is a map of Iraq. You’ll note that it’s bordered by 6 countries: Kuwait, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. In order for something to get in to Iraq, it has to cross one of these (relatively unsecured) borders.

Now, Al Qaeda, one of the many organizations taking advantage of the “fly paper” (read: utter fucking chaos), is a loosely-knit organization operating around the globe – including, incidentally, inside and against Iran itself.

So, given this information, does it make sense to rally for invasion of Iran because of “certain types of machine-shop welds and material” snagged crossing the border into Iraq. No, it doesn’t.

Is it possible that the government of Iran was involved? Yes. Is it the most likely scenario? No. Is there any evidence here that would lead a reasonable person to come to that conclusion? No.

Please use your critical thinking skills.