thoughts on the evening

Mr Roboto played host to a fine collection of blogger nerds this evening. Some initial thoughts:

  • Tim Morgan ruined the otherwise stellar potential of the Team Roboto’s movie trivia team for his utter lack of Alien Nation knowledge – a faux pas which will not be quickly forgotten.
  • The funny thing about living downtown in Nashville is that it can be very misleading. Anyone that has spent any time in a Real Metropolis is familiar with the “screw it, let’s just catch a cab” decision, prior to going out. You know that this is a safe decision because in these places, you can rest easy knowing that getting a cab from Bar A to Bar B is just as easy as getting a cab back from Bar B to Bar A. Not so in Nashville. Apparently Nashville cabs are not hip to the whole stranded drunkard scene, and fail to regularly patrol it.
  • So, having taken a cab to East Nashville, we were forced to actually call a cab to get back. Some kind and yet foolishly misguided blogger-girlfriend outside the Lipstick Lounge was nice enough to give me the number for her favorite cab service: 615-256-0101 – which, as it turns out, is Yellow Cab. The conversation I had with the dispatcher at Yellow Cab is probably one of my favorites ever.
  • The waitress at the Lipstick Lounge gets bonus points for extra seductiveness. At the end of the night, Amanda and I were like “man, our waitress was pretty hot.” “yeah, and she was all rubbin all over me” “yeah, me too” “she did a great job” “yeah” “yeah.” “so wait, how much did you tip her?” “$80, you?” “$150. Shit.” (Not actual values. I hope.)
  • I think I convinced Jag that the new James Bond movie should kick ass, even though it will probably suck. This is impressive, because it really makes no sense.