broken flowers

So we saw the new Bill Murray vehicle, Broken Flowers, this weekend. It’s not really a Bill Murray vehicle, but I admit that’s the only reason we saw it. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this movie – trying to decide if I liked it. I guess that means I did, or I wouldn’t have invested so much thought in it. Mostly I can’t decide if I like the ending – I won’t spoil it, but I haven’t really made my mind up. As for the movie itself, it was entertaining enough. Bill Murray manages to convey a pretty dynamic character while hardly saying anything at all. While I am starting to think the “Bill Murray as a disaffected lonely bachelor/divorce’ atoning for his past sins while having a wacky adventure” character he’s become a master at playing lately (with a brief digression in The Royal Tenanbaums) is getting a little played out, he really did do a good job in this movie nonetheless.

There is an utterly hilarious scene involving Sharon’s Stone’s character’s daughter, “Lolita”.

I’d say it’s worth seeing, but maybe not in the theatre. I read that Jim Jarmusch wrote this script in 2.5 weeks and, well .. it shows.