To continue on this theme, I see now this quote on CNN:

“So, we’re looking at a bowl full of highly contaminated water with contaminated air flowing around and, literally, very few places for anybody to go where they’ll be safe.”

He went further.

So, imagine you’re the poor person who decides not to evacuate: Your house will disintegrate around you. The best you’ll be able to do is hang on to a light pole, and while you’re hanging on, the fire ants from all the mounds – of which there is two per yard on average – will clamber up that same pole. And, eventually, the fire ants will win.”

Sorry, dude, I am having trouble imagining that I am a poor person FUCKING DECIDING not to evacuate. What I can imagine, though, is not having a choice either way. If I hear one more person talking about the people holed up in NOLA like they are roughriders stubbornly riding out the storm I am going to blow a fuse.