It's been a while since

It’s been a while since I’ve updated.

A lot of stuff has happened in the past month. Both the transmission and clutch went, on my car, resulting in about $2300 worth of repairs, leaving me broker than an Enron-employee.

The REALLY fun part was when, after spending all that money on repairs, my shifter linkage (the cable the connects the shifter to the transmission, basically) broke off, leaving me stuck in 4th gear. When did this happen, you ask? Why, about 10 minutes outside of Louisville on the way to Nashville back from Pennsylvania. So, I managed to drive the car all the way back to Nashville in 4th gear without shredding up my clutch TOO much.

Of course, since it was stuck in 4th gear, I knew there was no way I’d get it out of my parking lot at my apartment complex if I left it there, so we dropped off our stuff at the apartment and then I drove it straight to the shop, thinking I’d leave it there overnight to get fixed in the morning.

Bad move. I should have known better. I did know better. But lack of sleep and a long-ass roadtrip can really affect your better judgement.

So, of course, in a cruel, final blow, my car was broken into over night. They busted out the rear window. As far as I can tell, all they did was rip off the cover of my center console, and steal: my leather gloves, and my CD changer. I loved those gloves. But, the CD changer was busted. The joke’s on them.

Oh, yeah, they also stole my title, registration, and car manual. Why? I don’t know. But it’s a huge pain in my ass.

The moral of this story is: god hates me.