the scene’s photo contest

Photos that I liked:

  • Andri Alexandrou’s “West Nashville” – I always have mixed feelings about shots like these. I feel like I take a lot that are similar: i.e. a very well-composed shot of nothing. That is, a photo without a subject. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and what constitutes a “subject” is up for debate, but I take a lot of photos where I look at it and go “welp, this is a perfectly composed picture of nothing”. Not that this is entirely the case here. I suppose the downtown area in the distance is a subject, in a way. Regardless, I like it. Great lines and nice atmospherics. and stuff.
  • Doug Lehmann’s photo of Crema.

Not related to the contest at all, but Blake Wylie has been taking a lot of cool wet plate photos lately. They look great, but I think someone should tell him about digital cameras. So much easier!