my favorite nashville taxi story

Years ago I was at Lipstick Lounge and ended up pretty blitzed after a night of karaoke, so I tried to get a cab. After no answer from two of the three major cab companies I tried, I ended up at Yellow cab. A woman answered brusquely and the following conversation ensued:

me: “I need a cab at the corner of 14th and woodland”

dispatcher: “we don’t do corners.” *click*

Yes, that’s it. I was bemused, thinking I had a wrong number or got disconnected somehow, so I called back and repeated my request: “WE DON’T DO CORNERS” *click*. The third time I called, I was going to just request “1401 Woodland” or whatever, but she recognized my voice before I even got half-way through the call and she hung up again.

I gave up and walked home – a luxury I was afforded because I lived downtown at the time.

Consider for a moment what I might have done if I were less responsible and further from home? Nashville’s transportation woes are more than an inconvenience – they’re tied to our problems with safety and drunk driving.

Nashville needs more taxis.