critical mass pic(k)s

Some good stuff to come out of the Critical Mass 2010 thing (I don’t know if it was a contest or what). Some of my personal favorites:

  • Dima Gavrysh
  • Mitch Dobrowner
  • Christopher Capozziello – the pics in this one are good, but not great – at least not necessarily my thing. The story/statement, however, was pretty moving.
  • Elin Høyland – these too. sad. :(
  • Thomas Jorion – I had mixed feelings about these, because I liked the photos, but I couldn’t decide why. Was it because they were really good photos, or just photos of really cool places? A little of both, I think – and merely going to seek out aesthetic places and things is a not-insignificant part of good photography, so hey.
  • Daniel Traub – reeeeally liked these. to me this guy’s stuff represents the difference between the photographers that go to blighted areas and take snapshots and those who know how to take and curate good photos.
  • Corinne Vionnet – I’ve seen these before, or if not, she’s copying someone else. Somewhat gimmicky, I suppose, but neat pictures.

And a few bonus asshole photographer nitpicks: