stuff white people like: still stupid

I’ve already written about how stuffwhitepeoplelike is stupid and irritating at best, harmful and offensive at worst, so I won’t rehash the how and why. I just wanted to point out that 2 years later, it’s even dumber, less funny, and more pointlessly vitriolic. Witness their recent post on roller derby:

Once a league forms, schedules are made, websites are put up, venues are booked, and tickets are sold. In all, it’s a testament to the incredible work ethic that white people have when it comes to a whimsical activity.

If you know someone who plays on a Roller Derby team, you should treat them like a white person who does improv. Encourage them in their efforts, but make it clear that you will not pay money to watch their hobby.

It’s funny, see, because as we all know, only white people organize sporting events. GET IT?! Hilarious. Wait, what?

The most irritating thing about this website is that you can almost smell the authors’ smug sense of immunity – that they’re above reproach. That is, if you brought any criticism to them or fans of this site, you would immediately be accused of not having a sense of humor. But no, I hate it because I have a sense of humor.