i was talking on nashvilleistalking

So, Nashvilleistalking.com (NiT for short) is shutting its doors. Kleinheider asked me if I had any comment on its demise, and I responded that I was actually rather surprised to learn it was even still around. That’s not to disparage the stuff that Christian was doing over there.. But when Brittney left, the format changed enough that it left my radar. And now it’s gone. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

I found some of the old posts from when I was guestblogging one weekend – right prior to Katrina, as it happens. Kinda sad to see me yammering on and making casual mention of the hurricane forming, unaware of the destruction that would unfold..

Meeeeemories.. like the cooorners of my miiind. Someone proposed the idea of a reunion/tweetup, which could be fun. or boring. if there’s beer I’m pretty sure it’d be fun either way. And I think we all know who should organize such a thing.