proof that weezer is still good

So, I’ve seen Weezer taking a lot of shit lately. Suddenly it’s not cool to like them anymore. SOME PEOPLE have even gone as far as to postulate that they’ve done nothing good since 1996. Ignoring the fact that Pinkerton came out in 1996, making the assertion questionable already (since Pinkerton is a masterpiece that doesn’t need defending), this is still provably false. Okay, so.. I’ll admit it’s been a while since Weezer had an album that was really, really good from start to finish. But there have still been a lot of really, really good songs on their albums post-Pinkerton. These are some of them:

See? Rivers still has it. I win. Bonus: Weezer with the Muppets

Bonus bonus: Weezer with Alf.

And yes, I included Island in the Sun, because it’s a really good song, despite being used as the themesong to a Mary Kate and Ashley movie.