oh yeah

My favorite story from the weekend was from last night. When we saw Angel Island on fire, we headed to Yerba Buena and drove around until we could find a good vantage point, which we did, and I proceeded to take pics. At some point, I had to pee, so I ambled up a hill and let loose on an innocent tree. As I looked around, I realized I was basically in someone’s backyard. All of a sudden, a dog comes out of nowhere and is barking at me in a not-so-friendly way. So, I’m thinking, “oh, shit, some dude just totally loosed the hounds on me.” Before I have a chance to stop peeing, I hear the owner bellow out from his deck, “COCO! COCO NO!! No. GET IN HERE!! Get. In. Here.” The dog sheepishly puts his tail between his legs and heads back to the house, and the dude yells out “Sorry about that.”

I, still peeing, reply “Uhh.. oh, no problem.”

It goes without saying that around here I would have wound up with an ass full of birdshot if the dog didn’t get me first. Instead, this guy apologized to me for his dog bothering me while I peed in his backyard.

California is awesome.