eat this

I have been thinking about making a concerted effort to actually revive my blog in some capacity. Not sure what that’ll look like. Here’s a picture in the meantime:


I learned where a pair of hawks live on 1st, last week. (“learned”, here, means “nearly shit my pants when one swooped out of a tree 3 feet away from me”). So I was out stalking them with my longer lens a few days ago. I didn’t think I got much since they were chillin’ on a pole rather high up, but when I got home I really liked the look of this shot. These are undoubtedly the hawks being introduced to combat the Pigeon Problem in Nashville, though this one had just finished feasting on a poor little mouse – who, along with the hawks, are the only current residents of our ill-fated Sounds stadium site.

This picture is proof that cool clouds make any picture better.