the worst movie I've ever seen

I have no idea how it wound up in my netflix queue – either I was drunk, or it was something leftover from my ex-girlfriend, but somehow I would up with this movie [What the #$! Do We (K)now!?]1. I am not going to bother to review it, except to say that it is by far the stupidest movie I have ever, *ever seen. I spent the first 10 minutes confused, the second 10 minutes laughing, and then I turned it off. I don’t use a word like “stupidest” lightly. I’ve seen a lot of stupid movies. This is the worst. I’m tempted to say that it’s so bad that it transcends bad and becomes that sort of cultishly good movie that’s worth watching for how bad it is. But it’s not. It’s worse than that. This movie should be destroyed for the good of mankind.