weekend revue

So, this weekend I had a long Saturday, but it was fun. I don’t normally recap random shit from my semblance of a social life, but there are some notable things:

  • I went to the monthly GNARAS meetup. What is GNARAS, you ask? It’s the Greater Nashville Area Robotic Arts Society, of course. They had robots. And, I am going to build a robot. No, really! It’s going to do household chores, such as following a line of tape – continuing to follow the line of tape when it turns, and perhaps the ultimate test – continuing to follow the line when it goes grey and choppy. What did we do before we had robots? Starved to death, probably.
  • I then went to go see the mayoral debate, which I’ve already written about. This was fun for me, though, cus I had a press pass, so I had all sorts of sekr1t access to awesome places like … uh, a hallway. And a chair that says “media” on it. It was totally better than the non-media chair right next to me.
  • After the debate, I went Noshville’s and then to Mirror for a few drinks.
  • Theeeeen, I went to see Here Come the Mummies. They’re this band, right, and they dress up like mummies. I figured it’d be a dumb gimmick. Well, it is a gimmick of course, but it’s pretty fun. But, they are also an amazing funk band. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure I recognized one of the horn players from the Dynamites. The funny thing I realized at this concert is that if you have a fancy-looking DSLR, people will assume you’re there in some official capacity. I walked right up to the front of the stage, and people literally made way for me. I felt kinda bad, but .. not that bad. Mummies are pretty fun to take pictures of.
  • THEN, I went back downtown (without my credit card, oops) to hit up some crappy bars that were still open, where we ran into some friends at a bar, who invited us to a party
  • AND STILL FURTHER, we then drove out to this house party at my old friend Aram’s house.. at 4AM. I expected it to be some crazy house party full of people I didn’t know. No, I knew literally every single person there. Wait, sorry, there was one girl at the party I didn’t know. Friends from middle school, friends from high school. Guys I knew from Boston. This is such a small city, I swear.
  • THEN, I came home and passed the fuck out … for 5 hours before I remembered I was supposed to be helping setup a windows network at the NHPP.
  • then I died.

In conclusion, I declare any day that involves robots, mayoral candidates AND mummies to be a success.