Yay barcamping. I am home before midnight on a weekend! It’s insane! Only because I had such a good time that I am all tuckered out. I know there’s some bad blood between some folks and all, but raise your hand if you don’t kinda have a crush on Penelope Trunk? No? Yes? Okay, maybe it was just me.

Centresource had a good showing, with some solid presentations from jwage and jscheel, and I managed to stumble through a bit on Web 2.0 without making fun of it too much. I’m pretty sure everyone I’ve ever known ever was present at barcamp.

Highlight presentations: Caleb Garner with Absynth Interactive about his new game, Dark Summer; PVH on how we can bridge the digital divide between us elite pussy city boys and the more neglected (read: get them computers and Internet access) – bonus points for nearly starting a libertarian/liberal argument riot; Jackson on the next steps in social networking; Brittney on how to be a blog celebrity and not go insane.

Special thanks to Marcus Whitney, Kelly Stewart, Dave Delaney, and anyone else I’ve forgotten for working their asses off and throwing a tremendous event. See you next year!