I had some prints made of pictures I took sometime last year but never framed them, so I went to Target and got a decent frame for $20 – white matting, black wood frame – matted to 8x10” – just to see how they look. It looks pretty good, although I am realizing how much I like a lot of the stuff I’ve done since I made these prints, even. Well, basically since I started project365. Even if it hadn’t helped me with my skills (which it has), it would boost the number of pictures I like by sheer volume.

So, uh, if anyone wants a framed 8x10” print of a picture, let me know. I can do it for like $40, assuming you can pick it up and I don’t have to ship it.

I made these prints via, which probably isn’t the best, but honestly, they look pretty good to me. Anyone recommend a printlab?