Together Again

I have a car. She-who-shall-not-be-named (I’ve decided this, SWSNBN for short, is the most suitable title, since the one or two times I’ve blogged her name amounted to a googlebomb taking people here, and who needs that now, really) decided for whatever reason that she didn’t need the sentra she had taken after all. After 6 months of living downtown without, I can once again leave the immediate 3-mile radius without asking someone for a ride. It’s awesome. Tonight I am going to celebrate by .. uh… walking to a bar. Maybe I’ll drive somewhere tomorrow. Maybe Aunt B and I can go driving somewhere.

On a side note, it’s funny how in the traumatic, emotional, bitter end of a relationship there are nonetheless practical matters to attend to. Divvying up stuff, tying up loose ends, splitting bills, etc. It’s tough to navigate those waters while maintaining the appropriately indignant tone of scorn and hatred. It’s worse when you are given a car: “I HATE YOU AND NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN, YOU RUINED MY LIFE oh and by the way thanks for the car.”