AC wonders what role the Nashville blogosphere will take in determining the viability of David Briley’s recently announced campaign:

“Rookie of the Year” Sean Braisted has Briley’s name in his subtitle. Chris Wage is all atwitter. And hyperlocal godfather, Enclave Mike is a strongly leaning towards supporting the Councilman.

Is a “Blogging for Briley” effort in the offing?

No. Not from me, at least. I am definitely pumped about the Briley campaign, but you won’t see me snagging or anything. I’ve never been a fan of cheerleading-blogging. It’s a formula that takes the paradigm of real-world-political-stumping and slaps it on a blog. No thanks. My value, such as it exists, will be in remaining detached and critical. I’m pumped about the Briley campaign, but I don’t have the time or the inclination to be uncritical or unwaivering in my support.

So, that said:

The above troika would certainly be force to be reckoned with and would put the internet to the test as a vehicle for local political change. Briley is at a fundraising disadvantage so he needs to get the message out. The Internet is one way to even the playing field. His website is a start. Will more be done?

It’s clear that Briley is modeling himself as a younger, progressive alternative, which is why he appeals to me and others. Will local bloggers contribute to making Briley a force to reckon with? Maybe, but probably not. Blogging is just another medium, but one with a more distributed readership. I don’t know if its adoption and popularity is far along enough that it will make a substantial difference in a local election. I think Briley’s viability as a candidate will have far more to do with generational dynamics of this city – i.e. is Nashville ready for a mayor whose priorities include affordable housing alongside cheaper broadband? I think so, but that’s ultimately what this campaign will decide. Briley is being smart by tempering his more progressive goals with the low-tax/business-minded rhetoric that has served Bredesen so well.

I look forward to seeing how it plays out.