Glen Dean:

If you have ever waited tables, then you know that a lot of black people do not tip. Not only that, but they have a tendency to complain a lot, especially black women. The same can be said for white church people. Of course we are dealing in generalizations here. I know that many black women and many church people are good tippers, so please don’t go there with the stereotyping BS.


UPDATE: I should clarify that I posted this not so much to express my confusion at the actual component generalizations (although I certainly have some), but rather to highlight my confusion over the sum. The sum total of these generalizations doesn’t make any sense. Black people don’t tip, but neither do white “church people”. Black women complain a lot, but so do white people. I feel like I need a finite state machine to navigate his logic tree. If you make a generalization but then immediately provide a counterexample, what exactly are you trying to say? Did you ever notice that black people wear hats? I mean, white people wear hats too, but have you ever noticed that black people do it?

Incidentally, the whole “black people don’t tip” thing reminds me of this quote from Crash, which I haven’t seen, but the quote is funny and appropos:

Anthony: That waitress sized us up in two seconds. We’re black and black people don’t tip. So she wasn’t gonna waste her time. Now somebody like that? Nothing you can do to change their mind.
Peter: So, uh… how much did you leave?
Anthony: You expect me to pay for that kind of service?