last night

Last night Amanda, Scott and I went to Wolfy’s for a WKRN blogger event. I wasn’t clear on what it was for, originally, beyond Amanda Congdon being in Nashville. I didn’t really have any idea who she was, and I confided as much to her friend Emily, who was quite nice. Apparently her being in Nashville justified a party, and hey, who am I to argue? As far as blogger events go, it was pretty par for the course: butt-grabbing, boob-grabbing, dirty sanchez (and cleveland steamer) discussion, and so forth. The usual.

Blake Wylie interviewed me with one of the WKRN VJs, and I am pretty sure I elaborated on how all the local news stations were going to go out of business in the next couple of years. Except WKRN, of course. Blake also got a promo bump from Congdon for the nashvillefiles video blog. No bump requested from me, though. What am I, chopped liver? I’m an internet celebrity too, you know. My blog is the first hit on google for “chris wage” and “was beethoven black”.

The reigning theme of the evening for my discussions with everyone else was “hey, remember when you used to blog?” Yes. Yes, I do. It’ll be back soon, once I get rich and retire. Capitalism is hard.