the best thing

Sometimes I say awesome things (in a discussion about the purpose or lack thereof of marriage):

Misery says, “I respect your belief that marriage is stupid. But I don’t think it is”
You say, “you haven’t done a very good job of convincing me”
You say, “so far we have: a) awesome party”
You say, “b) societal norm”
You say, “yeah, not convinced”
Misery says, “c) societal form that serves a function”
You say, “what function”
Misery says, “norm”
You ask, “compliance?”
Misery says, “like I said, our society is based on this dyad”
You say, “social or economic”

[blah blah blah – Chris]

You say, “I think marriage is positive as a way to subjugate the working person, and (less so now) as a way to subjugate women”
You say, “‘taxes’ is circular”
You say, “tax advantages are subsidization of marriage”
Misery says, “which is why the majority of the hegemony is married? That makes no sense”
Misery says, “marriage is USED as a weapon of the hegemony. Who are you kidding?”
You say, “that’s what i’m saying”
Misery says, “i.e., combine resources and make an empire”
You ask, “what?”
Misery says, “it serves a function”
You ask, “you’re saying marriage is a good thing because it allows rich people to join forces?”
You say, “the percentages of married people that are rich versus those who are not rich disagree with that assessment, anyway”
Misery says, “I’m saying I don’t know why marriage exists. I just know it’s used as a weapon of the rich to become richer”
Misery says, “it serves many functions”
You say, “like what”
Misery says, “holding up society”
You say, “what does that mean”
You ask, “is it turtles all the way down?”

Come on, that was pretty good, right? Turtles. Diss!! Yeah. Man, I’m a nerd.