I just spent $140 or so on shoes. This is a great experiment for me. I suffer from a contradiction: I am extraordinarily cheap and yet I am extraordinarily picky when it comes to shoes. I pretty much only wear penny-loafers/dock shoes or wingtips. I’ll settle for a cap-toe if I have to. I hate just about every shoe I see (from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z).

I had a pair of wingtips that were just about the best shoes ever made. They’re around 10 years old now, and I’ve had them re-soled around 4-5 times. But I once again had a ginormous hole materialize in the sole. But by now, the leather is too scuffed to justify re-soling. It was time to upgrade.

So, I knew that Johnston&Murphy made decent shoes, some that are re-soleable, no less. I decided on a cap-toe with a preforated/stitched cap. They’re pretty stylin’. They aren’t broken in yet, so I see many blisters in my future.