seis de mayo

We are having a Cinco de Mayo party, but it’s actually on Seis de Mayo. (That’s May 6th, for you gringoes).

I sent out an invite to people for whom I could find e-mail addresses for, since the personal touch is always nice, but it’s not an invite-only event, so feel free to stop by if you feel so inclined, and you think I might have some idea who you are. Here’s the invite I sent out:


In doing our part to further co-opt every holiday possible as an excuse to get
smashed, we are holding a Cinco de Mayo party. Except Cinco de Mayo is a Friday,
and Friday parties are lame, so we’re having ours on Saturday. Seis de Mayo.

We are making food – a taco bar and other stuff. We’ll also have pitchers of
margaritas, but otherwise it’s BYOB/W/PGA (beer/wine/pure grain alcohol).

Significant others, wives, husbands and mistresses are welcome as well, as long
as they are clean and well-behaved.

See you there.

There will be bloggers and non-bloggers alike, probably. We’re at Market Street Apartments: 150 2nd Ave S., #305. Call my apartment from the buzz-box and I’ll let you in. Party hours are 7-30PM to ?:??.