life in crazyville

I’m sorry, but this is fucking hilarious:

Is abortion in society’s interest?

Can a society become more Muslim in its demographic character without also becoming more Muslim in its political and civil character?

Contraception and abortion are bad, evidently, because we don’t make enough babies to keep up with the muslim world. To really drive home the crazy, Donald presents the thoughts of “reader Hazen D.”:

Steyn wants to talk about abortion as a demographic factor but he ignores the demographic elephant in the room, namely contraception. Clearly abortion plays a part in the decline in birthrates but I have to believe that its role is dwarfed by the effect of widespread use of contraceptives. However, due to the popularity of contraceptives, no one wants to raise that issue. However much we like being able to control the timing and number of our children (and I’m in that group too), I can’t shed the belief that the Vatican is right on contraceptives as well.

That’s right, folks. If you’re using contraception, you’re not doing your part to generate footsoldiers for the impending holy war between Christianity and Islam. Why do you hate America?