local news

Does anyone know of a local news outlet with an RSS feed? I added WKRN’s, but quickly removed it, as they were inundating me with random stories off the AP wire that have nothing to do with Nashville.

Why is it that local affiliate stations have to try to run with the big dogs nationally? (This is not necessarily a rhetorical question – does anyone with some media experience have a good answer for this?) When will we get some segmentation so that I can go somewhere to get actual local news, not AP wire stories re-hashed for a local audience. If I wanted national and international news, I can go to much better sources for it than WKRN. We’re quickly moving into an information age where I don’t really need a local TV station to provide me those stories – local news stations should start transforming themselves into something truly useful – an outlet that focuses on stories of local relevance with some semblance of depth.