party tips

So, tomorrow is The Party. Around 25 people have RSVPed. In my experience that means I can expect 10-15 or so, but who knows.

The thing that sucks about preparing for parties is filling the apartment with the smell of delicious food that you can’t eat. So here I am eating ham on a pita. But it took all of an hour before I dove headfirst into the eggnog that’s supposed to be for the party. Mmmm, eggnog. Anyways, where was I?

Here are a few last-minute tips and tidbits in preparation for the party:

  • Parking – I hear tales of a mythical parking lot on the south side of 1st ave right before it turns into Hermitage that has parking for $1. I have never verified this myself, however. Anyways, there’s a lot directly across Demonbreun from Market Street Apartments (right here) and of course other assorted lots. You might have pretty good luck just parking on the street along 2nd or 3rd.
  • Beer – Those of you that enjoy drinking beer might consider that Big River is right nextdoor, so you could theoretically grab a growler to bring here. It’s good beer. You’d have to pay $7 or whatever for the growler, though.
  • We are making food – dips and such.
  • We will have some booze, but you’ll probably want to bring your own too if you want to get really messed up. (this is encouraged but not necessary)

See you there!