was ist braunschweiger

I commented to someone today that I hadn’t had braunschweiger in ages. Probably not since I moved from Wisconsin. I realized I wasn’t clear on the difference between liverwurst and braunschweiger. Epicurious to the rescue:

Liverwurst is a general term:

A broad term for “liver sausage” referring to well-seasoned, ready-to-eat sausage made from at least 30 percent pork liver mixed with pork or other meat. The texture of liverwurst can range from firm enough to slice to creamy-smooth and spreadable. It can be smoked or plain and comes in large links, loaves and slices. It’s generally used for snacks and sandwiches and is especially suited to rye bread and crackers.

Whereas braunschweiger is a popular kind of liverwurst:

Named after the German town of Braunschweig, this smoked liver sausage enriched with eggs and milk is the most famous of the LIVERWURSTS. It’s soft enough to be spreadable and is usually served at room temperature.

Now you know! And knowing is half the battle. And now I’m hungry – and being hungry is half the battle (against heart disease. the losing half.)