nerdiest conversation ever

Z HOWLS at a video of a woman using her ENORMOUS boobs to crush empty aluminum cans of foster’s beer
Tenzil says “how does she do that”
Z says “gravity”
Tenzil says “gravity aye”
Z says “they must weigh like 20 pounds each”
Tenzil says “those are big boobs”
Ozy says “gravity, or inertia?”
Z says “gravity”
Fasteddie has seen that video
Z says “she raises them high then lets them fly”
Ozy says “wow”
Ozy says “oh, so inertia”
You say “no, her boobs are so big that they exert gravity to crush the can”
Ozy says “the distinction i’m shooting for is whether they would have crushed the can if laid gently on top of the can”
Ozy says “as opposed to having some moment of (wait for it) inertia built up”
You say “the three different forces, ranked from least to most impressive: 1) inertia of moving boob crushing the can, 2) gravity of the earth pulling the boob to crush the can, 3) gravity of actual boob crushing the can”
You say “if my high school physics class had more word problems like this it would have been a lot more interesting”
Ozy says “4) boob-created neutron star”
Ozy “problem 6. a hooker has spherical breasts of radius R. Fat has density D. Compute…”