I am intrigued by this new Burt Bacharach album. It’s the first time Bacharach has ever written lyrics, and there’s a pretty awesome cast of musicians on it:

NEW YORK, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ – Columbia Records will release At This Time, a new album by Burt Bacharach, which combines his passion about life with new stirring melodies performed by an orchestra of more than 35 musicians, on Tuesday, November 1st. The Academy Award and Grammy-winning composer writes lyrics - a first, he says - and sings vocals on one of the album’s songs and a part of another, because “There are things I need to say.”

Album Marks First Time Bacharach Writes Lyrics for his Music and Unites Harmony and Love With Some Righteous Indignation … With Contributions From Elvis Costello, Dr. Dre and Rufus Wainwright

Burt Bacharach? Elvis Costello? Dr. Dre? Rufus Wainwright? This is the sort of album that will suck just because there are so many big names on it you can’t imagine how it could possibly suck, and it will suck just to defy you.