cheap eats

I read over the Scene’s Cheap Eats feature this week. Mostly on target and a lot of places I have never heard of or never gotten around to going to, so that’s always good. I am surprised to see Piranha’s make the list, though.

We had high hopes for this place, since the sandwiches were supposed to be similar to that of a place called Primanti Brothers’ in Pittsburgh that Amanda was a fan of. Well, we went there twice: Once, when their fryer was broken so I settled for some “jerk” wings. At Piranha’s, “jerk” seasoning evidently means corn syrup with paprika for color. We gave it another try one night when some friends were in town and we wanted to grab a bite to eat and catch up. So, we sat down and realized the music was so loud we couldn’t hear eachother even over the relatively small, cramped tables. We asked the waitress if she could turn down the music and .. she said no. So, we left.

Those are my Piranha’s experiences. I’ll pass.