brown confirmed by democrats

Despite the calls by Democrats for Bush to fire Brown, the NRO reminds us that, uh, guys, we unanimously confirmed him:

Amid all the bashing of FEMA director Michael Brown as an incompetent, unqualified, resume-padding political hack, one small factor has been overlooked: His job required Senate confirmation, didn’t it? Indeed it did. And not only was Brown confirmed, but he was apparently confirmed by a unanimous voice vote – when the Senate was controlled by Democrats. An enterprising blogger has found the transcript of Brown’s June 19, 2002 confirmation hearing before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, then chaired by Sen. Joseph Lieberman. The whole affair, including tributes from Brown’s home-state senators, apparently lasted less then an hour, and ended with Lieberman saying, “Mr. Brown, I thank you very much. I will certainly support your nomination. I will do my best to move it through the committee as soon as possible so we can have you fully and legally at work in your new position.”

It’s fitting somehow that Lieberman is the shining example spearheading this particular moment of irresponsible spinelessness.