ode to NiT

This post is going to sound like ass-kissing, but I swear it’s not.

I read several hundred blogs in my RSS aggregator, making it generally my sole pit-stop on the internet for aggregated information. It’s rare that there are sites I bother to go to directly to check for updates.

WKRN’s blog, Nashville Is Talking has become one of those sites (which is probably self-evident in how often/quickly I comment over there).

Kudos are in order for Brittney, who has done a great job in walking the fine line between being a relatively unbiased aggregator while still being a voice of opinion. And she’s good at starting arguments, and everybody loves a good argument.

WKRN is going to be better off for embracing blogging (I understand the Weather Blog is a big hit too), and everyone involved should be commended for helping create a newly thriving community.