copper kettle

I picked Amanda up at the Bellevue mall yesterday and we succumbed to hunger and decided to check out the food court. There’s a place there called Copper Kettle, and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by a relatively good meal.

They had a decently-stocked salad bar. I had a small plate of greens with a “tomato bleu cheese” dressing. “Tomato” in this case, I think, stands for “sugar added” (or maybe they just used sundried tomatoes to the same effect.) But I am not complaining. It was pretty tasty.

Our appetizer was “crispy eggplant” – basically just two fried slices of eggplant with a marinara on top, over a bed of greens, roasted red peppers, onions, feta and .. capers. Capers?! At a restaurant in the mall? Go figure.

My entree was fried catfish with turnip greens and fried okra – pretty hard to screw up, and it was good. Amanda had a montecristo with the interesting variation of being served with a dash of powdered sugar and raspberry (i think?) jam as a side for it.

All in all a good meal, considering we had made a split decision between this place and Sbarro.