riverfront rail?

I was looking for more modern pictures of 1st ave after seeing Brittany’s post with a picture of the wharf on Nashville’s riverfront in the 19th century (so I could see if the building currently housing the Market Street Emporium – and my old office – was in it. I don’t think it is).

I was googling around and I found this page that has pictures of the work they’re doing on 1st right now (where they had that skating rink up a few years ago).

I had been wondering what they were doing/building there – it was just a parking lot before. It says in October of ‘04 they had an “Archeological team excavating Riverfront station site in search of old foundry remains”, and the site also includes artistic renderings of a “Riverfront Station Site”. I had heard rumors of a proposed station for a commuter rail going through the yard at Union Station – are they considering riverfront too? Anyone know more about this?