lack of community

Just reading old stuff on and stumbled across archives of Kevin’s blogspot blog. This is a good snippet from this page:

Everyone has some community available to him/her which will delay actually homelessness for sometime, perhaps indefinately. And for most people a job can be found again, even though their credit ratings, friendships, and self-esteem will be frazzled. The point to all this being, homelessness can be delayed long after the paychecks have stopped coming. And there is plenty of time to recover from a job loss before homelessness is realized.

Still, it is the bullet, not the trigger, that kills. In the case of job-loss, it is the lack of community that is the bullet - losing the job is the trigger. But we shouldn’t stop our investigation there. We need to know how the bullet got into the gun in the first place. We need to ask why some people have no community. It is on this path we may get closer to the causes of homelessness.

Kevin is also working on a Dr. Who scarf that he has 24 hours to make 20 feet long. Wish him luck. He has a pretty amusing tour of the history of the original scarf, as well.