thursday car blogging

Now this is cool. Bosch has developed a speed limit detector that uses a CMOS camera to scan the road ahead and recognize speed limit signs and chirp when there are changes. Awesome.

Is BMW planning a 4x4 “coupe” cross between the X5 and the M6 platforms? Possibly.

Although I don’t follow it closely, the big news in F1 racing this week is the disastrous debacle at the US Grand Prix, where Michelin brought tires suffering from a fault (tearing between the sidewall and tread) that resulted in 14 of the drivers sitting the race out due to safety concerns. Not a pretty picture.

Jackson has been inspired to start working on his Volvo P1800. I wish I had a P1800.

Via Matt, check out this 1000HP Supra for sale on ebay. There’s a video of it racing a hayabusa .. and winning.