Top Speed Mode

Engage “Top Speed” mode!! The Bugatti Veyron (currently the fastest production car) comes with a special “Top Speed” mode:

Every owner will be supplied with a special second key, made from aluminium in best Bugatti lightweight tradition (originally it was going to be silver but it was deemed to be too heavy). With the car stationary, this key has to be inserted to the left of the driver’s seat, down by the sill.

The words ‘Top Speed’ then appear on the facia and the car begins a series of safety checks on such things as tyre pressures. Once complete, the chassis squats to just 65mm above the road at the front and 70mm at the rear. From now on, the diffuser flaps remain closed and the angle of incidence of the rear aerofoil is minimised to reduce wind resistance. The final action of this high-speed mode is to disable all limiters (the car is otherwise limited to 375kph). Touch the brakes, however, and the car reverts to standard settings.

Stupid, ostentatious, and totally awesome.