thursday car blogging

Snow/ice-related accidents on the M1 in Britain may be a thing of the past, as they are heating the entire roadway. No kidding.

I would just like to say that I think I am philosophically opposed to a V8 in a BMW M3. The older I get and the fancier (and heavier) the cars churned out by BMW’s Motorsport division get, the more of a crotchedy purist about them I become. They aren’t really sporting cars, anymore. They are just really bad-ass luxury sedans, which is fine, if that’s your thing. But where do you go to get a 5-series that has less and not more. Alpina, maybe? I am too broke know either way and hence be a convincing purist.

Walter Keegan notes that 82 people bought Acura NSXs this year. 81 of them were men. I know at least one woman who is hep to the drive (GET IT?!) and as far as I know would sell any body part not strictly required for steering and heel-toe shifting to get one. So what’s the deal? I blame some obviously sexist agenda on the part of Acura, because who the hell wouldn’t want to drive an NSX?

And, in industry news: Ford is going to bail out Viseon, its parts division. And Fitch has downgraded GM to “junk”, citing low SUV sales. Good for us. Bad for GM.