I recently subscribed to GrassRoots Motorsports, which I had never before actually subscribed to, but had always read pretty regularly.

Unfortunately, I am beginning to regret it slightly. I am starting to wonder if I am subscribing now on the tail end of their glory days. For a magazine ostensibly about “grassroots” motorsporting, they sure do spend a lot of time talking about new, expensive cars. I am starting to wonder if I should have subscribed to their Classic Motorsports variation or something, which, although of a different focus, might be about things I am at least more interested in than their articles of late.

The articles that I love in GRM are the ones that focus on cheap beaters you can turn into a fun little racer for a few grand (i.e. the whole point of the anual challenge) – articles that just focus on the history, ups and downs of a particular car model. For example the article they did a few issues back about the MR2, which I loved. But these articles lately seem few and far between. Am I remembering poorly, or is GRM actually turning more and more into a Car&Driver/Motor Trend re-hash?