classic car for hire

This article brings a smile to my face:

Stephens said he realised that there was a market for more ‘approachable’ classic sports car hire in the region after being quoted what he considered to be extortionate sums to hire a classic Jaguar, for an anniversary drive with his partner. As a result, he has made his own collection of fine British sports convertibles available to the public. Calling the company Westcountry Classics, Stephens said he abides by the simple philosophy that nothing is too much trouble.

It’s nice to see someone encouraging driving these sorts of cars for the sake of driving and enjoying them, which is a much better use for an automobile that sitting on a polished showroom floor or garage. The website is up but not active yet.

I’d like to see something like this in the states. I’d pay a few bucks to take a fun car for a spin, British roadster or otherwise.