I am a Japanese School Teacher

You may remember the good ol’ tardblog, the chronicles of Riti Sped and her antics teaching special education.

Along those lines, Amanda sent me this link that chronicles an American schoolteacher in Japan. I mean “along those lines” in that it’s funny, not that Japanese kids are retarded, silly.

I’ll share this tidbit:

I wish I could say it stops there, but actually, it gets worse. Let me introduce you to a game Japanese kids like to play called “Kancho.”

Actually, it’s not so much a “game” as it is kids clasping their hands together, sticking out their first fingers, and shoving them up your butt. I’m really not joking.

You know, before we come to Japan, they tell us a lot of ultimately useless stuff. What kind of computer to bring, if our DVD’s will work, clothing sizes, that kind of nonsense. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, in the 3-4 months of orientations did anyone ever mention that at some point, a Japanese kid may try to stick their fingers up our butt. That’s something I would have liked to know, personally.