marriage of convenience

[10:08]<Amanda (AIM)> new rufus wainwright comes out today
[10:08]<Amanda (AIM)> you should stop and get it
[10:08] yeah [10:08] ok [10:09]<Amanda (AIM)> if it's a CD we BOTH want it's like only 8 dollars each! [10:10]<Amanda (AIM)> thank god there are mp3s [10:10]<Amanda (AIM)> could you imagine dividing up our cds [10:10]<Amanda (AIM)> if we ever broke up? [10:10]<Amanda (AIM)> what did music lovers do before the mp3 at the end of relationships? [10:10] yeah that would suck [10:10] they never broke up [10:10] that's why there are so many unhappy marriages today [10:10]<Amanda (AIM)> so THAT'S why