From a recent Josh Marshall post:

In the words recently attributed to Gen. Miller, they Gitmo-ized the counterinsurgency operation in Iraq.

In other words, methods approved for use against the worst and most dangerous terrorists spread – like ink through tissue paper – to other military theaters that were, at best, only tangentially related to the war on terror. And this, I think we can say, is tied to the boundless, undefined and ever-expanding definition which the administration has given to the war on terror.

The “worst and most dangerous terrorists”? I’m sorry, but since when do we know anything about who is in Gitmo, much less whether or not they are the “worst and most dangerous terrorists”. The abuse in Abu Ghraib should not be condemned as a misapplication of legitimate techniques used (presumably) in Guantanamo. They should be condemned in tandem, and this controvery should be fueling protest over the nebulous legality and secrecy surrounding Gitmo as well.