Jim Giles

Jim Giles, White Patriot versus Chip Pickering, White Christian-Republican Whore.”

Now there’s a campaign slogan. I stumbled across this guy’s site, and I’ve been entranced by it all morning. I thought it was parody at first, but a quick google search reveals that it’s quite real. Jim Giles is an independent repeat candidate for Mississippi’s 3rd congressional district. He wants to represent “White People, Dirt White People”, by leading a “Rebel Army” of “White Patriots”.

From what I can gather, Jim Giles is a: racist (anti-semite and anti-african american), anti-immigration, Christian, anti-free trade, anti-Iraq War, pro-life, anti-taxes, Confederate sympathizer. Phew. Talk about an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

Here are some choice samples from his website:

“A special note to you Mississippians who support the war. I don’t respect you one bit! Coward, what you need to do is go to Iraq and start supporting! I understand they need new prison guards.”

“You ain’t that smart if you believe what them jews tell you.”

“Giles evolved politically from Republican to libertarian to independent. Giles believes the Republican and Democrat parties to be two wings of the same entity, and that ultimately, it’s okay to put your own people first. Jews and Negroes do.”

Be sure to check out his

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(9M mp3) from 2003. It’s actually pretty entertaining, especially when the crowd starts booing him when he brings up Rachel Corrie and the Iraq war. The forums are also entertaining. In an exchange wherein Giles is discussing the possibility that both 9/11 and the Berg murder video are frauds, “joe” intervenes:

“joe”: You guys are prime examples of why inbreeding is not a good idea.

“Jim Giles”: Ad hominem. No substance to your argument.

“joe”: You mean your diatribe about the beheading tape being a hoax has a shred of substance? As for ad hominem…you have engaged in that far more than have I.

“Jim Giles”: Do you or do you not have a substantive argument that the video is not a hoax?

Heh. The guy sounds like me, if I went batshit crazy. A smattering of liberal anti-war rhetoric, libertarian protectionism, anti-semitism, and white supremacy, all rolled up in one little man. His attacks on the Republican incumbent are generally pretty spot-on. You almost want to root for the guy. Too bad about the whole racism thing.