ICANN grows a spine

I have been remiss in posting lately due to the intrusions of my bothersome Real Life, but since I have been covering this story I might as well followup and note that ICANN has laid the smack down on Verisign. In a letter today, Paul Tworney, president and CEO of ICANN has given Verisign until Oct 4th to reverse the changes or face the consequences:

Given the magnitude of the issues that have been raised, and their potential impact on the security and stability of the Internet, the DNS and the .com and .net top level domains, VeriSign must suspend the changes to the .com and .net top-level domains introduced on 15 September 2003 by 6:00 PM PDT on 4 October 2003. Failure to comply with this demand by that time will leave ICANN with no choice but to seek promptly to enforce VeriSign’s contractual obligations.

I look forward to VeriSign’s compliance by the date specified.

Best regards,

Paul Twomey
President and CEO

Damn straight! Let’s hope this works out for the best.