Mozilla begets Phoenix

Some of you that use Phoenix often as your browser, like me (Okay I admit it, I still use Opera), have probably been wondering what the hell happened to all the development. Phoenix 0.6 has been months in waiting.

Well, it turns out it was for good reason. Mozilla has announced a very exciting new roadmap that details their plans to ditch the XPFE based navigator in favor of the Phoenix codebase.

This is great news. Mozilla has always seemed to me to be a reference implementation. Solid and packed with features, but bloated and dog-slow. Phoenix, on the other hand, seemed like a great implementation of what could be done with that development framework and how powerful, fast and modular it could be.

Here’s hoping that soon maybe Phoenix can beat out Opera as my browser of choice. As it stands right now, Opera is just too friggin fast. But, I find myself wondering if Opera plans on ever releasing another version for GNU/Linux, so maybe Phoenix will be the de facto victor.