mad housers

My friend Nick Hess pointed me at a great organization called The Mad Housers. In short, they are an organization dedicated to building low-cost, self-sufficient, energy-efficient housing for the homeless. They have a pretty cool modular 10x10 design they engineered specifically for this task, and they build them at chosen homeless camps throughout the Atlanta area. Pretty cool.

Amanda and I are probably going to try to head down to Atlanta for the next build, if we can swing it, and I am toying with the idea of testing the waters here for a local chapter. Nashville has a pretty bad homeless problem (in my experience, anyway), and I am tired of turning down the throngs of homeless by my office (located between the biggest Exxon in town and the Greyhound station) but not really doing anything productive to help the problem.

Here is an article about a similar idea spawned by a mayoral candidate in San Francisco.